Sign Language Interpreter

Before LegalShield, we were sign language interpreters. We worked for five different agencies that told us where to go and for how long. We were missing out on raising our children.

We also just lost our own agency and were in financial trouble. We were already LegalShield Members, but no one followed up with us about the opportunity. Four years later, when we were asked to interpret at a LegalShield convention, we were blown away by the opportunity. We knew we could do this because we were already sharing our membership experiences with others. So we signed up, and in our first year as LegalShield Associates, we became Executive Directors. Since then, we have been recognized on stage for several top 10 categories.

We now are stay-at-home parents who homeschool our kids. Not only did our kids get their parents back, but they are now able to pursue their acting dreams at a young age and are already doing several major commercials and television shows.

Having deaf parents and a background in sign language, we are excited to see LegalShield become an accessible opportunity for all people. All glory to God. Faith—Family—Finances.