I am a lawyer specializing in corporate litigation. I was in-house counsel with a Fortune 500 company. That company went bankrupt in 2002, and I left on a voluntary severance package. I wanted to start my own business, but I had no idea what type of business to start. I didn’t want to start a law firm. But I also didn’t want to turn my back on my profession either. Then I stumbled upon the LegalShield opportunity on the internet. It was related to the legal profession, yet it provided me with a vehicle to start my own business with very little cost. It was a tried-and-true opportunity I could feel passionate about.

Now, I work for myself and set my own schedule and work with whomever I choose. I can help people get access to the legal system without having to charge them a high fee.

I can get out of the business what I put into it. As I help others succeed, I also succeed. I love the membership. I can help others by getting the membership into their hands, and I can make unlimited money by doing so.

I have finally been able to realize my dream of owning my own business and helping others while experiencing an incredible income potential. I am both a professional and a stay-at-home mom with my sons, Louis and Alec.