Where else can you earn career income, live your purpose? For me, that means being a transformational coach, spending time with family and friends, making new incredible friendships (Team NuVision family and others) and still participating in my number one vice of traveling, all at the same time! I’ll tell you where ALL of this can happen at the same time, and that’s with LegalShield.

My LegalShield journey started in August 2010, thanks to my sister Patricia Eison, my sponsor, for not giving up on me. It took me 14 years to give her the chance to sit down with me and go over LegalShield’s amazing service and opportunity. My 25-year career in corporate America ended in 2013, when I decided to only focus on LegalShield. I put more time into my business, while caring for both my mother and sister who need 24-hour home care, and I got the Ring in 2016. I continued to grow as a person. In 2019, I opened my coaching practice, and I still travel, but now it’s mainly for pleasure, creating memories to last a lifetime while still working as a LegalShield Associate.

LegalShield resonates with my natural love, which is to help empower people, making their lives simpler as they increase their peace of mind. The freedom this opportunity gives me has created a platform to be a change agent and serve mankind. I wouldn’t have been able to actually live in my purpose (transformational coaching) when I did if I was still working a traditional job, due to lack of time. Thank you, LegalShield. Enjoy the journey, everyone!