Law Enforcement

We always lived paycheck to paycheck before finding LegalShield. As an Arkansas state trooper, Larry also had lots of other jobs on the side to keep us afloat and had to add to my salary as a secretary.

We were sponsored by Wilburn Smith when the company was just getting started. 

We just never quit! That is the best thing we have done in the business.

We love the product. Larry knew everyone needed the membership, and it was something we could do together as a couple and as a family. After driving more than 200 miles to meet with Wilburn Smith, he was so excited to get into the business.

What we like best about the opportunity is the unlimited potential for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your background is; it is just building relationships and helping people build their dreams in LegalShield. If your dream is big enough, then your business has unlimited potential.

Another great perk of this business is being able to travel and do what we want with whomever we want, and we don’t have to worry about who is going to pay the bill. We love helping our children, our daughter, Angie Abbott, and our son, David, and his wife, Debbie King. Our grandchildren are Larry Daniel and Sarah Abbott, Ashlyn Abbott, Carson, Alex, Alexis and Dylan Pitcock and Seri King. Our great-grandchildren are Maddox, Hayes, and Hattie Abbott. We like the idea of being able to help when we need to. We also celebrated our 50th anniversary recently.

The stand-out moment was when our grandson—Larry Daniel Abbott and his wife, Sarah, of Jonesboro, Arkansas—got the $100,000 Ring. We also want to acknowledge Mike and Betty Schwartz of Delaware who are $100,000 Ring Earners, and Marty Gilano of New York who has earned his $300,000 Ring.

Our goals for this year are to earn the $500,000 Ring and create lots of new Executive Directors and Platinums.