Landlord-Tenant Lawyers

What a Landlord and Tenant Lawyer Can Do For You

Landlord and tenant law covers any legal issue concerning the rights and responsibilities of both property renters and property managers. As a renter, the law gives you certain rights to privacy, health and safety. (Heat and hot water, for example.) As a landlord, you may have to deal with tenants breaking their lease, refusing to pay rent, or disturbing other tenants. Landlord and tenant attorneys are well-versed on the specific laws in your city or state, and can assist with all kinds of cases—from pest infestations and discrimination to property damage and deposit disputes.

Landlord and Tenant Law With LegalShield

As a LegalShield member, your team of lawyers can help you navigate anything from a complicated lease agreement to an eviction lawsuit. Whether you’re a property owner in need of liability protection or a tenant ready to exercise your rights, LegalShield has you covered.

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