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Affordable Legal Help for Home Based Businesses

The Perfect Size Legal Plan for Your Home Based Business or Sole Proprietorship

While even the smallest companies need legal help, many home business owners risk legal liability or miss out on profitable growth opportunities because they believe the legal services they need are too expensive. LegalShield has an affordable solution. If you own rental property or run a small business out of your home, adding our Home Business Supplement to your personal legal plan gets you the critical legal support your business needs for only $9.95 per month.

Does your business have employees other than family members?
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Unlimited Consultation With a Local Business Attorney

Whether you have a quick question about a vendor contract or a messy situation involving an unhappy client, our Home Business Supplement provides you with the ability to speak with your attorney on an unlimited number of business topics. 

Consultation with an attorney can prevent a small issue from expanding into a business backbreaker. If you have legal questions about any aspect of your business, the legal advice you need is a quick phone call away. There is no need to stress and guess. With LegalShield, you are no longer alone. 

Most attorneys charge between $150 and $400 per hour. If attorney consultations were the only benefit of the Home Business Supplement, it would still be a fantastic value. As you can see below, the plan is jam-packed with other important legal services. 

Document and Contract Review

Client contracts. Vendor agreements. Loan documents. Licensing applications. There is no end to the paperwork that floats across your desk. 

Have you ever had questions about a complex financial document? Do you sometimes wish you could have an attorney review a contract before you sign it? Are you dealing with a vendor dispute and you’re not sure what your rights are under the agreement you have in place? 

Worry no more. The Home Business Supplement allows you to submit up to 3 documents (15 pages each) per month. Your attorney will review each document and provide valuable feedback to protect your rights and ensure you are making the right moves. 

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Letters, Phone Calls and Help with Debt Collection

Sometimes getting legal advice is not enough. When situations get extra sticky, you need an attorney to make a call on your behalf or write a letter on their official letterhead to resolve the problem. Good news. Your plan includes letters and phone calls. 

  1. Your attorney can write letters or make calls up to 6 times per year
  2. Also, your attorney can write a follow up letter or make a follow up call on each legal issue
  3. Your attorney can draft up to 3 collection letters each month to recover debts owed to your business

Having an attorney spend a few hours writing letters and making calls could easily cost you $500 - $1000. Our home business supplement costs only $119.40, for an entire year. If you have a home based business, this supplement is truly a no-brainer. 

Bonus Benefits

By now it should be pretty obvious that spending $9.95 per month to protect your livelihood is a smart business move. The plan benefits we’ve discussed cover most common legal needs. 

Even IRS audits of a personal federal tax return that includes Schedule C and Schedule E are covered. Just call your attorney and they will support you during the audit. 

Should you have more complex situations arise, you’re still covered. Any legal services not included in the core benefits qualify for a 25% discount off your attorney’s standard hourly rates. No matter what arises in your business, you can get the legal help you need for a fraction of the normal cost. 


How it Works

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Memberships are generally processed in 1 business day or less. We'll send you contact information for your law firm once your membership is active.

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You can contact your law firm, upload documents and contracts, download document templates and more, right from your Android or iOS device.

Contact your Attorney

Call your law firm, or upload documents and contracts for review right in the app.

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With over 4 million members and an A+ BBB rating, you can be sure you’re working with the best. Our attorneys have an average of 22 years experience and LegalShield has made legal help affordable since 1972.

Access your attorney any time, without leaving your home.


Contact Your Attorney

Call your attorney right from our app to get legal guidance about any legal issue. There is no limit to the number of times you can call to get advice. If not available, they’ll call you back within 4 business hours or less.

Let Us Represent You

Your attorney can make calls and write letters on your behalf to resolve disputes and ensure your rights are protected. If you’re having a dispute with a vendor, employer or other organization, let us handle it for you.

Get Contract & Document Templates

Send contracts, vendor agreements and any other document (up to 15 pages each) directly to your attorney right from the app. They’ll provide feedback and help you take any necessary action.

Critical Documents Drafted

All plans include an attorney drafted Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney plus yearly updates. These documents are important at any time, but especially during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Speak to your attorney on an unlimited number of legal matters, get letters & calls on your behalf, contracts reviewed and much more. 

Attorneys are available in as little as 15 minutes in emergency situations, and they'll always call you back in 4 business hours or less for non-emergencies. 

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