In 2002, we were introduced to LegalShield by a highly respected friend and previous network marketing business partner, Ms. Angie Collins.

Though we were only making a little each month helping to fulfill someone else’s dream and trying to provide for a family of five, we were burned out with network marketing. However, knowing that this could be the way for us to obtain freedom, we decided to take a look at the information, and we’re so glad we did.

After attending our first big convention in Oklahoma City, we put the system in place with a three-way call to our first contact and our expert, Ms. Collins. Our prospect had previously told us “no” eight times, but this time with the right activity from the training we received, he said “yes” to the expert, committing to come to the next event, which was a briefing the next night where Mr. Darnell Self was going to be the presenter.

More than a decade later, we can truly say we are blessed to be a part of this opportunity. We have traveled to different countries including Mexico, the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, which has allowed us to meet new friends who have become new family members. We’ve been able to help more people dream, believe in themselves, and experience freedom all because of this awesome opportunity.

Together we set out in agreement with our Creator to go from good to great. More families said “yes” to the membership, more prospects said “yes” to the opportunity, and by their doing so, we’ve been blessed to go from driving a 1985 rust-colored van when we started our LegalShield business to now driving the car we choose. We’ve been blessed to go from living with my mother in a small home to living in a larger home that meets our needs and happens to sit near a lake full of fish. And we now have a boat, just for the pleasure of fishing.

We thank God, our provider, for being first in our lives and keeping our family together. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Harland Stonecipher, for allowing God to use you in such a great way to help change the lives of many people. Many thanks go to our sponsor and friend, Ms. Angie Collins of A.C. Enterprises, and our incredible team that believed in our leadership and were willing to follow the LegalShield system of success and go higher. Thank you, David and Bernita Cardwell, and my in-laws, Archie and Tanya Jerry, in the Tampa market. Thank you, John and Claire Balcon and the Freedom Fighters of South Florida. All thanks of sincerity, love and appreciation to our Team NuVision family and the incredible leadership of Darnell and Traci Self.