May 2020, marks my 20th year with LegalShield. I must say it has been easy to commit two decades to the extraordinary cause of “equal justice for all.” My story began with a car accident, which was fatal to my mom. I enrolled just for some advice. The attorneys found a $300,000 death benefit in our insurance policy and got that for my family. I watched the law firm work for me, saw the value of the membership and the peace of mind it provides. I am a professional fine artist with no business experience. LegalShield worked for me because of my strong belief that everyone needs our service. I knew telling people about LegalShield was my moral responsibility. And I couldn’t stay quiet!

My first group account had 1,600 employees. As an artist I know the power of daily activity; LegalShield rewards daily activity! Eventually I became the state trainer for employee benefits for Virginia!

LegalShield allowed me to help everyone, both members and associates. I loved the personal growth people experience when they become an associate. Building a team (family) was great fun! I am grateful to the many generous people who helped me along the way. My days now include time in the studio as well as working with LegalShield. What other business model provides that? It’s called personal freedom; it’s available to everyone in LegalShield. My thanks go to Mr. Harland Stonecipher, for this great mission. Amazingly rewarding!