I began my LegalShield business in 1997, while employed at Nationwide Insurance, and my wife, Evelyn, was working for a global information provider company. I worked my LegalShield business on a part-time basis and found a way to spend 8-10 hours a week to expand and grow. It was very evident I could generate a great part-time income with the limited time I dedicated every week.

In 2006, I transitioned from inside to outside sales with Nationwide which afforded me an opportunity to focus my efforts and production in the LegalShield Business Solutions division. I started setting appointments with small business owners who gave me an opportunity to present our benefits to their employees and great things started to happen. So we decided for me to go full-time with LegalShield, and we haven’t looked back since.

The same year I went full-time, I also committed to the Performance Club. I figured if I’m going full-time, I needed to be an example to my team and marketplace and show a commitment to Performance Club qualify. I haven’t missed a month for 15 years and have been able take my family on many LegalShield incentive trips and create a lifetime of memories.

The LegalShield opportunity has also given Evelyn and I the ability to be present in our daughters’ lives. We are grateful we’ve been able to attend all their school and athletic events. Our oldest daughter, Callahan, 17, played volleyball for her club and varsity high school teams for a combined seven years, and we never missed a game. Now, she is graduating and moving on to experience college life in the fall of 2020. We still look forward to having the flexibility to visit her when we can. Our youngest, Sloane, 13, also plays club volleyball, but has more success as a high-level junior golfer. It’s been priceless to have the time to go practice and play golf with her after school and help her become more confident in her skills. We feel without a shadow of a doubt, our daughters know LegalShield gave them the privilege for their parents to be more involved and continue to have a positive influence on their lives.

We want to thank our parents for their continued support in our LegalShield business. Evelyn’s parents, Millionaire Club Members and $100,000 Ring Earners Larry and Kay Gregory, are the reason we got started in LegalShield and have been very instrumental in our continued success. My parents, Jim and Cathy Spessard, are associates in LegalShield and have been a great spiritual influence during our journey.

Evelyn and I set a goal in 2019 to achieve the $100,000 Ring, and we accomplished that in November. We also secured our position as Emerald Solutions Elite associates for 2020, and we are determined to maintain that status. Our 2020 goals are to recruit and develop successful associates, to create more leveraged income, to have 4,000 production level and to earn the $200,000 Ring.