Business Owner
Law Enforcement
Prior to our life with LegalShield, I worked in law enforcement—crazy hours, lots of stress, and a “not so great” retirement plan. Leslie owned a retail store selling police uniforms and equipment. She worked 14-hour days and was tied down to her store. We had owned several businesses in the past. Everything from selling meats and seafood door to door to owning and running a licensed private investigator firm. So we knew what it took to work hard and be successful.

We had lots of big dreams, but we also realized that if we stayed on the path we were on, we would never have the time we wanted or the retirement income that would provide the life we longed for. I loved being a cop! I did all of the fun stuff. I was on S.W.A.T., had my own K-9, rode in the motor unit where I got to cruise around on a Harley all day, worked as a D.A.R.E. Officer helping young kids learn how to handle hard situations, and taught at the police academy influencing young officers on how to stay safe and have integrity. It was my dream job, but most cops don’t make enough after 20 or more years to support themselves and have to have another source of income when they retire. So as I got close to retirement, I started looking for something that would provide the time AND money to chase our dreams! That’s when I found LegalShield! I was working a graveyard shift and went out on a call. The owner of a local business was having an issue with one of her patrons and needed some assistance. She later introduced me to the LegalShield service and opportunity by inviting me out to a live event. I saw the value in the service and signed up right away. I knew that this was something that everyone needed, and I could really get behind! I signed up to be an associate that night as well.

Leslie and I had both worked with different network marketing companies before and found that none of them measured up to what they promised. Leslie wasn’t interested in “adventure,” so she chose to sit this one out. However, I went to work, and she noticed the deposits coming into our checking account, which piqued her interest. A few months later, I talked her into coming to a Super Saturday with Larry Smith as the VIP guest. Larry spoke her language and after hearing what he had to say, she was in! Leslie was able to sell her store and come to work along side me building our business and our residual income. We quickly learned that LegalShield was different than any of the other companies we had worked with; they held up their end with the members, and we got paid just like they said we would.

Our residual income from our LegalShield business has now far surpassed my law enforcement retirement income. We have the time that we could never have had with our previous careers AND the income to enjoy it. We have six children and 21 grandchildren. We love spending time with them and enjoy traveling and spending time with our family and friends! LegalShield continues to provide the life that we could only dream about before.

We are grateful to be a part of a great company and to help so many families along the way! And we’re not finished yet; we’re just getting started!