A Legal Plan That Supports Your Marriage

A Legal Plan That Supports Your Marriage


Marriage is a milestone that raises significant legal questions that can impact your life for decades. In some cases, such as changing your last name, reading a few articles may do the trick. In other situations, such as needing to create a legally binding prenuptial agreement, you want the help of a family law attorney.

Although a particular legal issue may warrant the help of an attorney, their services can be very expensive and out of reach for many people. That’s where LegalShield comes in. We offer prepaid legal plans, starting at only $29.95 per month, that can provide legal assistance for common issues triggered by marriage.

Consider These Marriage Related Legal Topics

Marriage is a magical time. It may also be the time you start thinking about the following legal topics.

legally binding

Creating a legally binding prenuptial agreement to protect your assets.


Wrestling with legal requirements surrounding a name change for you and/or your kids.

heart hands

Sorting out child custody, support or visitation rights for a child from a previous relationship.


Creating or updating your Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney to protect your family’s future.

For only $29.95 per month, you can have access to highly experienced attorneys that can assist you.

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Consult With Your Attorney

For only $29.95 per month, you can have access to highly experienced attorneys that can assist you.

  • Have a child custody question? Call your attorney. It’s included.

  • Not sure if need a prenuptial agreement? Call your attorney. It’s included.

  • Need help with a legal issue unrelated to marriage? Call your attorney. It’s included.

Whether you have a simple question about your Will or complex legal concerns over a real estate deal, you can speak with your attorney to get expert advice any time you have a need.

Join Now and Speak to an Attorney in as Little as 4 Hours.

Have Documents Reviewed

You can have your attorney review and provide feedback on an unlimited number of legal documents and contracts (up to 15 pages each).

  • Getting a mortgage for a new home? Let us review the documents.

  • Need to file documents related to a name change? Let us review the documents.

  • Have a question about the legality of a child support agreement? Send it over.

Any documents related to your marriage can be reviewed by your attorney and, like all plan benefits, can be used beyond marriage related issues.


Letters and Calls on Your Behalf

Your attorney is available to make calls and write letters (on their letterhead) to help resolve disputes, protect your rights and deal with other legal issues on your behalf.

  • Running into a roadblock with your name change? Have your attorney resolve it.

  • Having a dispute with your wedding photographer? Let your attorney handle it.

  • Debt collector hounding you? Your attorney can write a letter to stop the


  • Your attorney can make a call or write a letter for nearly any legal issue.

Life delivers lots of problems that are best handled by a lawyer. For a small monthly fee, anytime you have an issue, you can say “talk to my attorney.” Get legal help now.

Recently I had a problem with a Real Estate Professional. My LegalShield attotney stayed on the top of the situation and even called on their own to check and see how I was doing! Now that is professional on another level. It showed me that my attorney cared not only about my case, but about me as a human being (which attorneys are rarely known for). Thank you LegalShield for a job being well done.
Maryland Member

Estate Planning Services

All of our legal plans include the creation of critical estate planning documents for no additional fee.

  • Get an attorney drafted will that covers your new family + yearly updates.

  • Get a Power of Attorney to allow a trusted person to make decisions on your behalf.

  • Ensure your medical wishes are followed by having your attorney create a Living Will

Even if you already have estate planning documents, if you’re getting married, it may be time to update them to reflect your new circumstances. Get a legal plan now


Every Area of Law is Covered by Your Plan

You can call your attorney to get help with literally any area of law. Many more legal issues not listed below are covered too!


IRS Audits
Back Taxes
Letters from the IRS
Representation in Court


Collection Disputes
Credit Card Debt
Credit Score Issues


Military Law
Patent and Trademark
Malpractice Cases
Immigration Issues


Detained by Authorities
Search and Seizure
Served with a Warrant
Child Custody Issues


Workers Compensation
Salary Disputes
Employment Contracts
Labor Law

Trial Defence

For Civil Lawsuits
Representation at Trial
Trial Preparation
Advice and Counsel

Ready to Join?

One membership covers your whole family, and you can cancel at anytime

Your Membership Includes:

Consultation on unlimited legal issues such as prenuptial agreements, name change, home purchasing and more.
Letters and calls on your behalf to resolve disputes with vendors, negotiate settlements and represent your rights
Unlimited document review (up to 15 pages each) for wedding vendor agreements or any other documents.
24/7 emergency assistance.
Help with IRS audits and tax related legal issues.
Attorney representation for traffic tickets.
Attorney drafted Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney + yearly updates.
Legal support for child custody, child support and visitation issues.
Help with consumer financial issues related to collections, warranties and guarantees.
Trial defense representation if you get sued.
Uncontested adoption, divorce and separation assistance.
Member perks, 25% discounts and much more.

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If you’d prefer to speak to a human, Contact us now.

Personal Plan Supplements

If you own a home business, are a consultant or have a rental property, or if you own a gun or need more trial coverage - you might want to consider these optional Personal Plan Supplements. Add these supplements to your plan at checkout or click to learn more below.

Home Business
  • Unlimited Business Consultation on legal and non-legal matters
  • Includes Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Legal review of 3 contracts/documents per month
  • IRS Audit Legal Services 
trial defense
Trial Defense
  • Covers the member and their spouse
  • Additional 100 hours of trial defense
  • 75 hours of trial time & 25 hours of pre-trial time
  • Trial defense hours are added each year of active membership
Gun Owner
Gun Owner
  • 24/7 Emergency access to legal consultation for incidents involving firearms
  • Consultation on an unlimited number of gun owner topics 
  • Trial Defense up to 60 hours if you are named in a criminal or civil lawsuit 
  • One NFA Fun Trust prepared for a plat fee of $250

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