Prior to LegalShield, I ran a franchise that sold cleaning systems. For 24 years, I gave everything to that business and it took everything I had. I worked seven days a week. I ran it, and it ran me. I enjoyed financial success and the rewards of working with and developing people. However, there were two things missing—time and residual income. No matter how well the business did in a calendar year, we started all over again the next year.

At the time I was introduced to LegalShield, I wasn’t really interested in running another business. I signed up as an associate in August 2009, but I didn’t start my LegalShield career until November 2011. I made the decision to go to the Dallas convention in September 2011. It was at that event that I decided to make LegalShield my career. When I made that decision, it was based on belief in myself and in our great company; it was not based on what I had accomplished in LegalShield. The prior three months I had zero sales and zero recruits.

When I began my journey, I had three simple goals for myself. First, qualify for the Performance Club and never miss a month. Second, figure out how to hit the Executive Director level and then never miss it. Third, get my LegalShield Ring within my first 12 months working full-time. I accomplished all three! I come from Buffalo, New York, an area that many people had told me a business like ours doesn’t work. Well, it works here, which means it must work everywhere!

The best part of this business is that I now get to enjoy things that I previously wasn’t able to.

I’m now able to coach Lauren’s hockey and softball teams. I can enjoy dinner with my family, and we can vacation together. For me, that’s what LegalShield is all about.

My goals for 2020 are to earn the $400,000 Ring and my second million with LegalShield!

I owe a debt of gratitude to Joe LaJudice for his support and mentorship. Also, a Texas-sized thank you to Jason Lavender for his guidance in the group arena.

One of the reasons for my success is all the support from the LegalShield Home Office in Ada! Thank you to all the staff! I also need to thank my assistant Caren Wasserman. I appreciate all your hard work on my behalf! Lori Cinquino, thank you for being my workout partner!

Finally, I’m blessed with the love and support of my wife. Thank you, Vicki. I love you!