Project Director

My husband, Mike, bought a LegalShield membership for our family in 1986. He encouraged me to sell it, but I wasn’t interested. I did see the benefit as I had used it several times. As a project director at a local university, I was informed that several of my staff had been threatened with a lawsuit from a disgruntled student. I mentioned how pleased I was with our LegalShield protection, and needless to say, they were interested and thus my career began.

I was fortunate to be sponsored by Dave Roller, who at the time was the top group producer. He did some field training with me and sent me on my way. I made numerous mistakes in the beginning but learned from them and other people like Mark Riches, Gordon Darrah, Rebecca Smith, and Amilda Coffman, to name just a few. PLAN, DO, REVIEW.

When Kathryn Walden asked me to be the Michigan Group Trainer, I was eager to share what I had learned. I loved to see those associates who attended my group school reach top heights. Group school was just the beginning. They put into practice what they had learned and added to it to become top group producers.

That’s the beauty of LegalShield—you have all the help you need to succeed; it’s just up to you. Everyone starts at the bottom and chooses his/her own path to success.

I think it’s very important for new associates to realize what residual income means. Since I started selling in 1987, I’ve personally sold over 11,000 memberships. I learned how to make good sales and how to keep those members on the books year after year. Since I was diagnosed with cancer in October 2013, this residual income has become even more important.

I’m very grateful for all the prayers that have been getting me through. I’m still fighting some of the residual effects of the chemo and radiation, but with God’s help and continued physical therapy, I expect to be at full force very soon. I’m also very grateful for my son, Tim, who has kept our group accounts serviced. He’s done an outstanding job. Our Home Office staff has been terrific also.

My plans for this year are to get back to the LegalShield business I love so much and to keep spending quality time with my family—my daughter Julie and her husband, Alan, and their daughter, Mackenzie, my daughter Amy and her husband, Steve, and my son, Tim and his wife, Pam. Keep reading Think and Grow Rich, and you can’t go wrong.