Business Owner
As if we didn’t have a full plate already juggling family and business, back in 2014, I spent time supporting my wife to further her education. We also welcomed our fifth baby, juggled a large, young family and put my biggest cheerleader, my loving mother, to rest. During that year, I worked less than ever, as I spent sweet days dressing Barbie dolls and building LEGOs while my wife pursued her dreams. I cherished hours rocking my baby to sleep. But even more dear, I was able to have many visits with my terminally ill mother, and I spent the last weeks of her life by her side. I was gone from my family and my LegalShield business for more than a month before she passed, and I never had to ask for time off, never had to leave her side and never had to worry about our bills.

Our story is truly the American Dream. I am blessed to have time to spend on other interests because of this business. I have a rock-star marriage because I am not stressed out at work or forced to spend late nights at the office. I drop off and pick up my kids almost every day from school. I coach youth soccer, and I give my family the best of me each day—not what’s left at the end of the day. This business allows us to live a life I choose to live instead of the one I have to live. Special thanks goes to my Shield Nation family as well as all the LegalShield Home Office staff and leadership!