Business Owner

I was president and founder of a successful corporation in Houston for six years before I was introduced to LegalShield. Even though I owned my own company and was a single parent of two teenage daughters, I was always keeping my eye out for a little more. When Mark Riches told me that it cost only $249 to own this business with no inventory, I liked the thought. But it really wasn’t “what” convinced me to join LegalShield; it was “who.”

Mark and Jennifer Riches believed in me even during my lowest times in the business. On June 23, 2020, I will celebrate my 19th year in LegalShield! In 2012, I earned my LegalShield $100,000 ring! I wear my ring with humbleness remembering all the tough enrollments it took to get me through to the perfect presentations. In 2015, I became the Business Solutions Trainer for Louisiana, opened a 1,500 square-foot office. I started a new business relationship with a very good friend who is now my spiritual counselor and BESTIE. Along with God, Anita Hatcher was my workout partner and is definitely the best one for the job. Find someone who will call you and keep you accountable; it will change how you run your business. I love you, LOM. Thank you for everything!

In 2016, I received the call that I had earned my $150,000 ring. In 2017, I received the call that I was in the MILLIONAIRE CLUB!

My all-time favorite story in LegalShield is starting as a single mom and ending with a husband! In 2006, I met Patrick “PK” Knab during an employee benefit presentation and signed him up. I went back to re-service the account in 2008, and he was there again. He said he only came to the meeting to see if I was the presenter. We started talking and now he is my husband. You never know what will happen in your groups!

LegalShield has changed my life considerably. I’ve built longtime friendships. As I share with my clients, you deserve to be happy and sleep at night with peace of mind. Being a part of the LegalShield family is a blessing in my life. USE THE SERVICES!

Protecting my family was very important to me. This company has saved me more than $475,000. I keep this protection because I know the power of it! LegalShield helped me with a divorce. I was sued for $175,000, but the law firm wrote a three-page letter to the plaintiff’s lawyer. Three days later, they dropped the lawsuit. When I got a bill from the IRS for $23,522, the lawyers handled everything. For six months, I slept well knowing it was going to be in my favor. I got a closing notice that I owed nothing. I know the power of LegalShield and what matters most. I mattered in every case when I used the service.

Our daughter Ohlyvia is 14 and wants to be a neonatal nurse. We have nine grandchildren—my favorite Noah-14, my favorite twins, Lily Ann and Wyatt-10, my favorite “rocking” William-7, my favorite Luke-11, my favorite Ann Elise-6, my all-time favorite baby Turner-4, “Mister” Christian, who is almost 3 and our “Toots” Wendi, who’s almost 5 months. With LegalShield, I can visit or keep them anytime I’d like or bring them to the office. We can travel in our RV and still be able to work if needed. There are no other business opportunities out there for me. I will never quit this company. LegalShield and I will grow old together.