Business Owner

After 26 years with FedEx, much of which was in senior management,

I was ready for a change. So I left there to start an executive recruiting firm. I soon learned that I still had no leverage and no freedom, which again moved me to seek a different path. Soon after, I became a Realtor, and in the process of selling a couple a home, I found LegalShield.

Sharon was in her 15th year as a successful senior sales account executive in advertising and was not the least bit interested in LegalShield. I was even skeptical myself after my previous experiences with network marketing—having had little or no financial success. We put our concerns aside long enough to evaluate the services and the undeniable compensation.

We could clearly see that everybody we knew (and most those we didn’t know) could use this service. We started to visualize a different future and a clearer pathway to leaving a legacy for our children, traveling, helping our families and serving our community. At this point there was no more hesitation.

We set our hearts, minds and action on forward with purpose! Six months later we reached the Executive Director level, with the goal of helping as many families as possible have access to this membership, as well as our business model.

We celebrated our 17-year anniversary with LegalShield on December 31, 2019! LegalShield has poured back into our lives in both tangible and intangible ways. The membership has been invaluable for our family and our business. We have had the honor of being part of the many top producers’ all-expenses paid vacations to destinations such as Cancun, Lake Tahoe, the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cabo San Lucas and many other locations. We have received numerous accolades and recognition, including entering the Millionaire Club, earning the LegalShield $150,000 Ring and having served as Network Vice Presidents!

Our goal is to help countless others realize the importance of access and choices and to choose to become a part of this experience. We will share the good news of LegalShield everywhere, allowing us the privilege to build a legacy for our children’s children. For us, the next goals are earning the $300,000 Ring and building a solid Platinum organization. We can! We shall! We must! We know the best is truly yet to come! Be intentional, strategic and focused!