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As a LegalShield member, you have access to exclusive discounts that can save you hundreds of dollars each month. MEMBERPerks includes over 500 popular brands and thousands of different discounts.

It makes being a LegalShield member a total no-brainer.

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There is no reason to leave hundreds of dollars in discounts unused when taking advantage of them is so simple.

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What Our Members Are Saying

John T.
As a member of LegalShield, my agent told me about the Member Perkspot. MemberPerks gives you discounts to over 400 companies products and services. When I checked to see if I could get a better rate on my car insurance, the memberperk’s agent was so helpful. She did all the investigative work for me then called me back to tell me she found the same coverage for me from a different insurance company, saving me $40 a month ($320 a year) on my insurance Not only did I ave money, now I make money…that savings pays for my monthly LegalShield membership ($24.95) and adds +$15 back into my bank account eery month! Thank you LegalShield, I’ll never be without you!!

Just a Few of Our Featured Brands

Because we have over 4.5 million members, companies partner with LegalShield to offer exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else. With over 500 discounts available from big name brands, it’s nearly impossible for you to not find significant savings on products and services you already use.

It makes being a LegalShield member a total no-brainer.


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