We are very thankful for the LegalShield opportunity. Thanks to LegalShield, we have had the opportunity to earn trips and travel to places like Maui, Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Southern California. We have brought along our two boys with us on over 12 Performance Club trips, and they have grown up with amazing experiences like LegalShield renting out part of Universal Studios or the thrill experiencing a water slide at Atlantis in the Bahamas that drops you into a shark tank.

We have met so many people in LegalShield who have shaped our business and our hearts. People who give their time and share their wisdom. We look forward to each trip and convention because of these relationships.

Business Solutions has meant that we are able to make a great income and serve so many businesses with great benefits. While serving businesses we have grown relationships with HR directors, owners and insurance brokers alike. LegalShield has allowed us to take care of our family. We don’t have to ask for a day off of work when our kids are sick or when another family member needs us. We aren’t a part of the traditional rat race. We have flexibility and income to make decisions based on our values and on our heart’s desires. For this we would like to thank Solutions Elite for the care you give us.

Thank you, Glenn, Emily, Ted, Mandy and Theresa for the personal help and development. We thank Trainer Support for making us better associates and trainers. We thank all our LegalShield friends for challenging us to be more and tirelessly pouring into us. Here’s to an even greater 2020!