For me, LegalShield is all about freedom. Working my own hours, on my own time and setting aside time for what truly matters in my life are what keep me motivated every day. But it wasn’t always like this.

I was born and raised in Stamford, Connecticut, and after high school, I graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in mathematics. After a short career playing semi-professional soccer, I took the leap with my family, and we moved to Southern California. After 10 years and holding multiple positions with various companies, I walked into work on Valentine’s Day in 2001, and received a pink slip. How apropos! This was my first dose of reality—having to figure out my life all over again.

I was determined to find a way to support my family, and after six months, I decided to move back to the East Coast. The decision to move culminated into a three-week road trip, and we finally arrived on September 1, 2001. Ten days later, the world turned upside down, and it was nearly impossible to find an interview, let alone a job.

One day a friend asked me if I kept my career options open, and I responded, “Well, yeah. I don’t have a job, so my career options are wide open!”

A friend sat me down and showed me what LegalShield had to offer. The coverage before the compensation was key, and I was sold. I started working immediately, and within three months, I went full-time.

I found that my focus quickly shifted toward small business and group sales. I love helping people. Making a living while making a difference is what Harland used to say. The overriding factor in my decision to start my own business was the power of residual income. To get paid year after year for the same one-time sale made great sense to me.

Like any business, LegalShield has its struggles; however, it’s well worth the time and effort. Helping so many people remedy their challenges and others to earn a noble income is the driving force that makes me proud.

I’ve earned great recognition along the way and am honored to be a LegalShield Ring Earner. After reflecting on the past 18 years with LegalShield, I can confirm that the American Dream is alive and well. I always recall the John Mellencamp song “Minutes to Memories,” and the chorus which says, “Days turn to minutes and minutes to memories; Life sweeps away the dreams we all have; You are young and you are the future; So suck it up and tough it out and be the best you can!”