I met an associate while I was networking as a mortgage broker back in 2007. She invited me to a live conference call. I bought the plan for the Will preparation. As a satisfied customer, I referred her clients. She told me I could get paid, but as a single mom, I told her I was too busy.

My 25-year career ended suddenly during the real estate crash in 2008. I needed an opportunity and became an associate. I invited an expert, Avi Gingold, to share the program with my warm market contacts and hit the streets to show the flip chart to anyone who would listen.

My hard work and daily activity has earned me nine Performance Club trips, bonuses and residual income I can Will to my kids. The income has allowed me to live my dream to be a stay-at-home mom and work my business around my family while doing something I’m passionate about daily.

I’m grateful to God for His wisdom, provision, grace and strength to share the great commission of His love and to have such a complimentary career to help empower others.

I am living my dream and believe you will too!