Business Owner

“Anyone can start, but to have success we must learn to work our plan until we FINISH our goals.”

This is the thought that drove me when I joined LegalShield. Prior to getting involved, I had tried a few companies before. My biggest challenge was never truly going through the entire game plan for success. When I joined over 20 years ago, my life was hectic. I was working a job as a sales executive, was driving a company car and was putting in 50 hours a week. Money was okay but raising four children is expensive, and I wanted more for my family.

I truly did not have freedom, and I needed something to change. By working hard, I reached the Executive Director level and then the Gold Executive Director level. Life just got better from there. I was able to leave my job after eight months in LegalShield and then retire my wife.

A decade later, we were inducted into the Millionaire Club. I served as a Network Vice President for over 15 years in Northern California. My passion has always been helping people finish their goals. My wife, Christa, whom I met in LegalShield, has also reached the Executive Director level and now owns an extremely successful event and wedding planning company, Magnetic Magnificent Events.

I have been able to write three books with my top selling book being about how to have success in anything you do, it is titled Running with Finishers.

I love the residual income we now have. It allows me to pursue my passion and help people with my coaching company, Finish Success. I also have time to spend with my adorable children and new grandchildren. We have been able to travel more in the past two years! I am thankful to my incredible team of Ring Earners and Executive Directors. To date, we have helped over 70 people reach the Executive Director level and four people get the Ring. I am also thankful to my leadership in Bert Calhoun and Darnell Self. “In the race of life, don’t just run with those that are running. To truly achieve success and get to the finish line of your goals you have to run with the finishers.”