Postal Service
Before LegalShield, Mike Humes worked as a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service. Within nine months of working his business part-time, while still working 65 to 70 hours per week at the post office, he was able to retire when he was just 26 years old. One year later he earned the prestigious LegalShield Ring. In April 2007, Mike was recognized for earning his third LegalShield Ring. Mike has also served as the Regional Vice President for six states in the Northeast Region and as the Regional General Manager for the Mid-Atlantic Region.

This business has given him the ability to spend precious time with his daughter, Mikayla. “As a single father, the time I can spend with her is a dream come true.” Mike has the ability to attend Mikayla’s field trips, never has to worry about missing a dance recital or school event, and they’ve also been able to travel together on vacations and leisure trips. “There’s no greater investment than the ability to spend time with my baby girl, time that I’ll never get back. Not just special events, but getting her ready for school each day, and not having to just slow the car down to about 15 to 20 miles per hour and push her out of the car door because I’m late for a job! But I am able to walk her into her classroom, give her a kiss and let her know I love her. That’s something every child wants, but most, like myself, never received! The income is great, but the ability to live each day to the fullest is priceless.”

Mike learned the value of giving back, at an early age, which has carried over into adulthood. He, along with best friend and mentor, Darnell Self, started their second non-profit organization, Fertile Ground. For the past several years, they have assisted more than a half dozen villages in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Even while many watched the horrors of the earthquake in Haiti, Mike and Darnell were able to quickly get much-needed funds to those most affected, including an orphanage with 73 children and 13 staff members. They also organized a clothing drive that donated much needed clothing, shoes, new coats and toiletries to several shelters in the Washington, D.C. area. Whether it’s feeding the homeless, providing food and gifts during Thanksgiving and Christmas to families he doesn’t even know, or helping new team members launch their businesses, Mike says, “Giving is what I enjoy most about success in LegalShield.”

Thanks to LegalShield, Mike was able to keep a promise he made to his sister Paula, when he surprised her with a brand new Ford Mustang. “I promised her that she was next, after surprising my mom with a new car at a Labor Day cookout at my home a few years ago. It felt good to keep that promise.”

“This business has taught me that the only way to fail is to quit. But it is impossible to stop a man or woman who will not quit!TM”

Mike adds, “I’d like to thank my best friends, Darnell and Traci Self, and the entire Team NuVision family. To God be the glory!” Proverbs 18:21.