Prior to LegalShield, we both had careers in retail and retail management. As we looked forward to our future, we knew that we wanted more freedom and flexibility. Through LegalShield, we’ve not only found the perfect vehicle to provide the freedom that we craved, but also a way to truly help and empower others with our services and opportunity.

Our experience with LegalShield has been nothing short of phenomenal. Lea was able to retire over a decade ago, which enables her to focus on being a mom to Aubrie and Evan and pursue her passions. We’ve enjoyed vacations to places like Maui, Jamaica, Punta Cana, Cancun and others thanks to the Performance Club. The personal and professional growth we’ve experienced, the friendships we’ve made, the philosophies we’ve learned and the experiences we’ve had in this business have all enhanced us and helped us to be the best versions of ourselves. We are committed to doing our part to contribute to the exponential growth of this company. Our goals for this year are to more than double our production and income and to help others achieve their goals. Whether you are a veteran associate or just getting started, the timing has never been better to be a part of LegalShield. Get committed, stay focused, attend every event and call, keep your “why” in front of you, work hard and you’ll succeed. We’re Mike, Lea, Aubrie and Evan Swanson, and we are just getting started!