Real Estate

I’m Miriam Simelton Anderson, and I’m from a small southern town, Ripley, Mississippi.  My professional background includes work as a paralegal, nurse, Realtor and non-attorney Social Security representative. LegalShield has been an opportunity for me to have more of what life has to offer: more time, more income, the ability to control my life and definitely the ability to help more individuals, families, employees and small business owners have ACCESS!

LegalShield has changed my life drastically in that I have the ability to help more people financially in ways that prior to LegalShield existed only as a desire to help!

I was first introduced to LegalShield about 20 years ago by my neighbor, but he didn’t mention the opportunity to me at that time because later he said that he thought that I would not be interested. I have been BLESSED to experience a wonderful ride with LegalShield in that I have experienced the trips, the bonuses and the $50,000 Ring. I have also been honored to serve in numerous leadership roles, most recently serving on a Ladies of Justice committee. YES!

I am a believer, and I am trusting God to expand my territory INDEED in my business as He did for Jabez!  My advice to any associate in this business is to just get up every day, be consistent over an extended period of time and you can be successful in your business! In other words, keep on keeping on!