Business Owner
I love LegalShield because I love helping people. Prior to working in LegalShield, I owned several businesses and am well aware of what it takes to make payroll, pay rent and insurance and satisfy the costs of goods and taxes before getting paid. Due to a catastrophic car accident in 1998, I lost my income and my home. Soon after I began working LegalShield full-time, I went from renting and living paycheck to paycheck, to once again owning a home. Thanks to LegalShield and the Performance Club bonus, I now drive a nice car. I have also earned numerous trips to the Dominican Republic, Cancun, California and the Bahamas, and I have taken several wonderful cruises. 

I believe in leading by example and have qualified for Performance Club since October 2001. I want to thank my team, one of the finest in LegalShield. A number of them are consistently in Performance Club and enjoying their bonuses!

I am active in the community, and it is a great feeling to receive gratitude and smiles when I encounter people I have enrolled in LegalShield. I love when members thank me for giving them access to the best legal assistance available at such an affordable price. Becoming a LegalShield Associate is unique in that people of all ages and from all walks of life can be equally successful.