IDShield Launches New Plan Features to Proactively Protect Consumers’ Private Data and Identities

Comprehensive Privacy & Anti-Cyberbullying Consultative Services;

Additional free services available via mobile app download

ADA, OKLA, May 7, 2020 – IDShield, a leading provider of identity theft protection, privacy and restoration technology and services for individuals and families, announced today that its suite of product offerings now include advanced services that provide comprehensive privacy and anti-cyberbullying consultation and assistance. In addition to data monitoring and threat alerts, members will receive 1-to-1 consultation to proactively safeguard their personal data on smart devices, social media, voice assisted technology, Internet browsers, data broker sites and more. This new offer is available now for all current and future IDShield members, at no additional cost.

“At IDShield, we don’t stand still. We pride ourselves on our dedication to continuous product enhancement and technological innovations,” said Allen Spence of IDShield. “We need to think beyond identity theft and financial fraud; the focus needs to be on bringing enhanced privacy and anti-cyberbullying consultative services to our members. We feel that strictly monitoring credit is no longer enough. We must transform to a society of proactivity to combat the malfeasance of the future and protecting our members’ personal privacy.” 

How is IDShield Helping Customers Protect their Digital Privacy?

Consumers are living more and more of their daily lives online between surfing, streaming, socializing, shopping and much more. However, with each activity, they are creating a digital footprint that can be compromised, making themselves more vulnerable to having their identity stolen, privacy invaded or reputation ruined. In fact, according to a recent web transparency study done by Princeton, nearly 80% of websites contain Google tracking and almost 25% have Facebook trackers. With this in mind, IDShield wants to help its members take control of their lives by helping them become “proactivists” i.e., people who proactively protect their private data and identity. 

The Four Pillars of IDShield’s Privacy Protection are:

  1. Controlling data on social media, web and other connected devices and services
  2. Managing private information that is discoverable on social, web and data broker sites
  3. Helping to keep member accounts secure against hackers and breaches
  4. Managing who can see what members share, when they share, post, watch, browse and comment

The new enhanced service will also help members manage or delete their personal identifiable information from where it should not be, including data broker sites, social media apps, voice assistant technology, Internet browsers, smart TVs and password management services.

How is IDShield Helping Customers Prevent Cyberbullying?

Additional tools are available for IDShield Family Plan Members that assist in protecting children and alerting parents about potential cyberbullying. This is conducted through active monitoring of social media accounts for language that is profane, violent, sexually explicit, discriminatory, or drug/alcohol related, and connecting members to local agencies/authorities, school administrators and counseling services to thwart the effects and activities of bullying. 

Allen Spence added, “As technology continues to evolve and new services are invented, greater attention must be paid to how people protect themselves and their privacy. IDShield is ready to meet that challenge by creating privacy enhancements which actively manage and protect our members information wherever and whenever the Internet watches and tracks them. We want to become our members’ one-stop-shop for all of their identity and privacy needs.”

How can Customers Access IDShield’s Expanded Services?

In addition to the new services, IDShield members, both single and family plans, receive identity and consultation advice, full-service identity restoration, dedicated licensed private investigators, identity theft alerts, credit monitoring and 24/7 emergency access via the mobile app or via toll-free number.

Recently U.S. News & World Report’s 360 Reviews ranked IDShield among the Best Identity Theft Protection Companies of 2020. Additionally, the product is a recipient of the 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for ID Theft Resolution Service – Gold Winner.

IDShield advocates the practice of good security and privacy hygiene to help thwart identity theft at all costs. This includes using secure passwords and changing them frequently, avoiding unfamiliar Wi-Fi networks and taking extreme precaution when faced with possible phishing emails or suspicious phone calls. IDShield’s protection policy provides reimbursement coverage for events related to fraud, forgery, data breaches and stolen identity – all with zero deductibles.  Along with IDShield’s propriety monitoring platform, they leverage the resources of lawyers, accountants and in-house licensed private investigators to restore IDShield’s member’s identity to pre-theft status if any of their identifiable information is ever compromised.

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