LegalShield Launches Guide Series to Navigating the Common Legal Challenges of Six Life Stages

First Guide Focuses on Getting Married Including Name Changes, Prenups, Vendor Contract Reviews and more

ADA, OK (March 10, 2020) – LegalShield, the world’s leading provider of affordable legal and identity theft protection plans, today announced the launch of their LegalShield Life Stages Guide series to address personal legal needs at every stage of life. The guides will be focused around key situations when having a law firm on your side isn’t just a good idea, it’s a necessity. The LegalShield Guide series is divided into six monumental life occasions: Getting Married, Financial Decisions, Family Additions, Living with Teenagers, Family Entrepreneurs and Elder Care/End of Life. The first full guide being released is The LegalShield Life Stages Guide to Getting Married and is available via free download.

Marriage is one of the most beautiful bonds two people can share, but it is important to remember that it is also a legally binding contract. As is the case with any contract negotiation, it is advisable that you consult with a lawyer throughout the process. The LegalShield Life Stages Guide to Getting Married outlines in detail several key life changing occurrences that can take place as a couple embarks on their walk down the aisle.  

“Whether it is changing your name, creating a prenup or negotiating with wedding service providers, you should not have to work to interpret, or worse yet, enforce, agreements, contracts, purchase orders, etc.,” said Bryan Taylor, Product Leadership Director, LegalShield. “For a very low monthly fee, the LegalShield Plan provides peace of mind and helps remove confusion for our members when dealing with the variety of emotional and legal matters that pertain to marriage, and many other areas of life. We want you to focus on building a life together, while we handle the legal details.”

The LegalShield Life Stages Guide To Getting Married includes guidance on:

  • Name Change: Step-by-step guide to help couples navigate the name change process
  • Prenuptial Agreement: Outlines what couples should be considering, both financially and legally, as they enter into an upcoming marriage
  • Child Support/Child Custody: Walks couples through the precarious child support and custody process so everyone’s rights are protected
  • Last Will and Testament and Living Wills: Best practices to follow as couples traverse the stressful process of Will creation

The LegalShield Life Stages Guide to Getting Married is not only about providing its members with detailed knowledge about the potential legal obligations of marriage, but also about saving them money along the way. LegalShield has identified four major legal costs associated with marriage: Prenuptial Agreement (approx. $1,500), Name Change (approx. $900), Will Preparation (approx. $2,000) and Child Custody/Child Support (approx. $4,000). However, LegalShield members’ costs  are covered by an annual LegalShield Membership fee of approximately $300 ($25/month) which represents a potential savings of more than $8,000.

LegalShield provides access to advice and counsel through our mobile app or a toll-free number on a wide range of personal legal issues from qualified attorneys with an average of 22 years’ experience.

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