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Hi! I’m Erin, an automated LegalShield representative here to assist you with any questions you may have.

What is a legal service plan?

  • For a recurring monthly or annual fee, legal service plans offer a variety of legal services from a network of attorneys for a low flat monthly rate. Prices and coverage vary depending on the plan you select.

Does my membership cover trusts?

  • A trust can be established under the 25% preferred member discount.

What happens if my legal issue falls outside of my covered benefits?

  • You may continue to use your Provider Attorney for legal situations that extend beyond plan coverage. The additional services are at least 25% off the law firm's standard hourly rates. Your Provider Attorney will let you know when the discount applies, and go over these fees with you.

Will I work with the same attorney for every legal matter?

  • LegalShield takes the selection of our Provider Law Firms very seriously. While you may not work with the same attorney for every legal issue you have, you will work with the same Provider Law Firm, so you can be assured that you are receiving quality service with any of their attorneys.

What is a Provider Law Firm?

  • LegalShield has dedicated law firms that employ 1,900 attorneys in 50 states and four provinces in Canada, plus an additional 5,000 referral attorneys. The attorneys have been with their respective law firms for an average of 20 years and have a range of experience. This allows them to advise members through a variety of everyday legal issues such as family matters, estate planning, financial issues, consumer/credit protection, tax, real estate, benefits disputes and auto/driving issues.

How do I gain access to my legal plan benefits?

  • After you have signed up for a LegalShield legal plan, you will receive a welcome email. It will contain the instructions to login to your MyLegalShield member account and download the MyLegalShield mobile app. You will also receive your member ID card in the mail.

What contact will I have with my lawyer as a LegalShield member?

  • It depends on your legal matter/situation. When you contact your Provider Law Firm, explain your legal situation and they will have an attorney call you within 8 business hours. Once you speak directly with your attorney, he/she will be able to determine what legal assistance is needed for your specific situation.

Who is covered under my LegalShield Legal Plan Family Membership?

  • The following are covered:
    • The member
    • The member’s spouse
    • Never-married dependent children of the member or member’s spouse who are under 26 and living at home
    • Children under age 18 for whom the member or member’s spouse is the legal guardian
    • Full-time never-married students under 26 years old if the student is a dependent of the member or member’s spouse

Does it cost more to add my spouse or dependents?

  • No. Your spouse and eligible dependents are covered under your family membership.

Does my membership cover uncontested divorce?

  • Yes, we cover uncontested divorce.