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Hi! Im Erin, an automated LegalShield representative here to assist you with any questions you may have.

Associates FAQs

What do I get when I sign up?

  • You will receive a LegalShield Associate Start-Up Kit with brochures and applications so you can begin your business immediately. Also with your enrollment fee you will be signed up for our Member Advantage Services for life, a service by the company to help you keep the memberships you sell.

How can I succeed?

  • There are various ways our associates have succeeded. See our associate testimonials for more information on how you can become a successful LegalShield Associate. We suggest taking our First Step training after becoming a LegalShield Independent Associate.

Are there additional costs after I become a LegalShield Independent Associate?

  • We do everything we can to keep costs to a minimum. Additional costs may be expected for marketing materials or to attend events, conferences, and trainings. Events can cost $150 + travel and many marketing materials can be printed at home at a low cost. All additional costs are dependent on your choice and are not mandatory.

Where can I sell?

  • All associates can sell in any state or province. See our States at a Glance and Provinces at a Glance to see where licenses are required to sell LegalShield.

Do I have to go through training before becoming a LegalShield Independent Associate?

  • We offer support training for you and also have weekly trainings and calls that you can join to help support your LegalShield Business.

Will I be an employee of LegalShield?

  • No, you will be a LegalShield Independent Associate.

Who can I reach out to for help in my LegalShield Business?

  • We have established a successful business structure to provide you with support along the way. It all starts with your independent associate and mentor. Also we have State and National leadership that will always be there to help and you can always contact the LegalShield Home Office for any questions you may come across in your tenure with LegalShield.

Who can become a LegalShield Independent Associate?

  • Anyone can become a LegalShield Independent associate, who is at least 18 years of age in the US and 19 years of age in Canada.

How It Works for Associates