I had the good fortune of having a financial advisor who introduced us to LegalShield to get our wills done. I was impressed with the service and began telling people about it.

Five years later, I found out I could start my own business representing the company, work from home and get paid. I still pinch myself! I would tell people about this company whether I got paid or not! With my teaching background, telling people about ideas that make sense was in my comfort zone, but being in business was definitely not.

My husband and I had financial challenges when we were reduced to one paycheck after I resigned from teaching to be a mom. I started very spare-time; my initial goal was to just make a little extra money. Then I would get started for real once our children were in school. I met inspiring associates and heard motivating stories, and I began to show up consistently for trainings and events. Before long, it was me who was being asked to share my story and others began telling me I inspired them! Performance Club bonuses have always been a big motivator. It’s all about being consistent to reach goals. Being a mom at home is my dream come true. It’s a blessing to always be there for our children. I am grateful for my life and for LegalShield, and I am especially thankful every day for my amazing team—thank you for all you do. I am only here because of what we achieve together!