WOW! That is the thought that crosses our minds every time we think of how this opportunity has changed our lives.

I took a look at LegalShield in 1999, and I was very negative toward it. I tried other opportunities that led to nothing but debt and disappointment; therefore, I was not interested in the business opportunity with LegalShield, but I became a member. Three years later, after utilizing the service on countless occasions, I bumped into a college friend of mine, who mentioned that he was working for himself. That got my attention.

Understanding that you do not have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great, I decided the very next day to become a part of this incredible team. That was at 12 p.m. By 5 p.m. I did not have a job, and it was not by choice. The company I was working for decided to lay off my entire department.

It was no coincidence that I lost my job within hours of becoming an associate; it was divine intervention. A coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous. Realizing that I would never possess what I was unwilling to pursue, I jumped into this business with both feet. At that time, I was only looking to bring home enough money to pay my bills because this was my only source of income. However, this opportunity has allowed me the privilege to be retired from the corporate shackles many years ago. My family and I now live in a home in New Jersey that we chose. We were able to buy my mom a brand new car, and we’re now working on retiring her. We are able to help my brother pay his tuition at Yale medical school instead of him taking out school loans. In one year alone, we went on more vacations than I took during the first 30 years of my life combined. What other opportunity could have allowed me, at the age of 40, to say that these are things I have already accomplished?

I was the first person in the company’s history to earn the LegalShield Ring in the state of New Jersey! As exciting as that is, we are more excited for the belief it’s created for so many others! “It’s possible!” That’s what more New Jersey associates are saying! They believe now!

Although our product is the LegalShield membership, what we are really selling is HOPE. How can you put a price tag on that? How can you put a price tag on helping a single parent go from zero to hero? How can you put a price tag on helping someone dream again?

What we love most about LegalShield is that it has not just helped us, but there are so many other people on the team who now have a plan B. They have options now. Before LegalShield, their only option was to go get a second or third job. If the first job did not fix the problem, neither will the second or third. Three jobs are for three people.

If you want a different outcome, you MUST try a different solution. There is nothing wrong with trying and failing. The only wrong is not to try at all. Whether you think you can or cannot does not matter because either way you are right.