Real Estate

I am a single mom to the most incredible young man, whom I met when he was four years old. That’s when he became my foster son. We adopted each other when Ronald turned six years old. He has grown into an amazing, smart, compassionate adult.

My career with LegalShield began when I was in my mid-50s, and I met the incredible Lorna Rasmussen. She invited me to a LegalShield luncheon. It just made sense to become a member, and I immediately decided to sign up as an associate. As a LegalShield Associate, I have never broken any records in the company, and I work my business on my own terms. This is why I love LegalShield.

Our task is to get the information about our amazing services in front of people. The more people we introduce our services and opportunity to, the more people we will help with our membership and career opportunities.

I am honored to work with amazing people and to make a living by making a difference in the lives of people we serve.