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Your Guide to Prenuptial Agreements


A Plan for the Unexpected
As unromantic as is may be, prenuptial agreements can be an important and healthy part of a marriage. According to the National Center for Health statistics, roughly 42% of marriages end in divorce. Discussing financial concerns before you get married can make things much easier if divorce occurs.

A Conversation That Can Strengthen Your Marriage
Although uncomfortable, talking through sensitive financial issues related to the creation of a prenuptial agreement and confirming you’re on the same page can solidify and strengthen your relationship now.


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Issues Commonly Addressed by Prenuptial Agreements


One partner earns substantially more money or is considerably wealthier than the other at the time of marriage.


There are children from a previous marriage that raise custody, support and visitation issues.



One partner owns a lucrative business or other valuable property they want to protect.



One partner brings substantial debt to the marriage that the other would not want to be responsible for if they went through a divorce.

Even if neither party has kids or significantly different financial situations, discussing a few key issues now can help avoid horrible headaches later.

A Suite of Helpful Resources

The first step is to figure out if you need a prenuptial agreement. If you determine you want a prenuptial agreement, the second step is to get legal help to ensure the document is comprehensive and legally binding.

LegalShield is your partner in successfully navigating the sensitive and challenging legal issues raised by marriage.

Get Educated

If you’re not sure you need a prenuptial agreement or you’re not ready to engage with an attorney to create a legally binding document, prepare yourself with these educational resources.

7 Reasons to Get a Prenup
Prenuptial Agreements: Not Only for the Wealthy

The Legal Guide to Getting Married - A comprehensive guide that covers prenups and other marriage related legal issues, such as name changes, child custody and your Will and Living Will.

Get Legal Help

Ready to create a prenup? LegalShield offers legal plans that allow you to have an attorney help you create a prenuptial agreement for a fraction of the normal fee. Our legal plans include a host of other valuable legal services such as the following.

  • Unlimited consultation with an attorney.

  • Legal forms and document review.

  • An attorney created Will and Living Will.

  • Letters and calls on your behalf to resolve disputes.

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Start Your Marriage off on the Right Foot and Protect Your Family.