Jeremiah 29:11—“For I know the plans I have for you! Plans to prosper you, to not harm you. Plans to give you hope … and a FUTURE.”

I grew up in the inner city of the East Side of St. Paul, Minnesota, in a single parent household with six children. Life became very dark at the age of 14 when my mother left us because she’s a drug addict…. unfortunately.

I remember no electricity, no hot water, and in the dead of winter living in Minnesota with no heat. But God is still with us in that darkness, isn’t he?

I never went to college; I had jobs waiting tables and cleaning houses. And it’s truly amazing that this opportunity with LegalShield came to me six years ago—I earned my LegalShield Ring within six years on as-earned income; RETENTION MATTERS!

To go from scrubbing toilets and scraping plates, to earning over six figures a year with LegalShield, going on dream vacations, and truly waking up with a purpose each day is truly surreal.

I need to thank my husband, my best friend, Nick—he believed in me before I ever had the courage to believe in myself. He is my everything, and I am so grateful that God put him in my life.

To my support team, it is vast—but I will thank Craig Hepner, Tara Paustenbach, Fred and Marcia LeVoir, Steve Schwartzer, Laura Selken and my entire Minnesota and Wisconsin family; I love you!

To my personal mentors: Steve Baker, Abby and Brian Parker, and so many others! To our provider law firms, and to our entire Home Office staff. It truly takes a village to raise a child! Stay humble. Never forget where you came from. And pray hard because God is ALWAYS listening.

The best is yet to come!