Business Owner
CSI/Forensic Consulting
Our LegalShield success has reminded me of many things. Most importantly it has reminded me as a Christian that when (not if) a crisis strikes you or your family, you need to trust God to provide. Years ago, we were hit with a major financial crisis.

Our income was suddenly cut by more than $3,000 a month. We were facing the likelihood of losing our home unless we found a way to make enough extra money.

I was a crime scene specialist for the sheriff’s crime lab. I had been there over 25 years and enjoyed using my forensic science expertise to help solve murders and other crimes. It was a stressful job but a rewarding job. We were not praying for a new job, just for the extra income needed to save our home. After several months of asking God to provide, our son approached me about LegalShield. I bluntly told him I had NO interest in a home-based opportunity because we had tried it twice before and it hadn’t worked for us. Rita allowed our son to host a meeting at our home, so I left to watch football with my brothers. When guests hadn’t showed, Rita insisted that I come home to “help support our son.” So I did a very wise thing—I listened to my wife. I really only agreed because we had been praying, and I loved our son. After being impressed with the company’s track record, I agreed to give it a six-month effort. Once I experienced the value of our legal services, I was more focused on helping others with the membership than I was on making money. I encourage new and “seasoned” associates to focus more on helping others as well and don’t allow yourself to get too discouraged.

On faith, I got started, and three years later I retired from the crime lab earlier than planned. With Rita’s support I was then motivated to earn the $100,000 Ring, so we could both appropriately give thanks to our personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in front of more than 10,000 people at a LegalShield convention and show others in our area that they could do the same. God answered our prayers and blessed us even after I originally had NO interest. It is said, “Where God guides, God provides.” After working hard, we have been able to be really involved in the lives of our seven grandchildren and in our ministry. We get to pick up grandkids from school or spend time fishing when others are at work. LegalShield has afforded us options through residual income. I even have my own forensic consulting business. I get retained by both the prosecution and defense. Like LegalShield, that business is also all about seeking justice and helping others.

Personally we are not motivated by material things like big houses or luxury cars. We are more focused on storing up “treasures in Heaven” through ministry. LegalShield allows someone the opportunity to do both.

Nothing against day care—Rita owned and operated her own for years—but having “Papa” and “Grandma” (aka: Gram-gram) care for their kids has been a huge blessing for our children. Our goal is to have our kids take over our business and receive our residuals. As for words of wisdom, I refer you to one of my favorite Bible verses, Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”