Where do I begin? Our journey started in 2008, when I was approached by a good friend and brother in Christ about an “opportunity.” When I saw the membership, I quickly recognized the value and that there had been many times in my life when I could have used it. I have been a minister for 40 years, and I found that being a minister involves more than just preaching the Word! People have problems, all kinds of problems. The “preacher” is who they often turn to for help. I often felt inadequate to assist them in many of those situations. I could see how a service like this could be very valuable. So I signed up! My friend then began to tell me about the business opportunity. I was not interested. We had made a commitment to work with small churches that could not afford a full-time minister, which meant I always had another job to pay the bills. So with two full-time jobs, I didn’t see where I would have the time to work another business.

He finally convinced me to sign up, mostly to get him to shut up. When my associate packet came in the mail, I threw it in the corner of my office without even opening it. Well, then life happened. Six months later, I got downsized by the company I was working with. And to top it off, they refused to pay me my last quarter’s commissions. That put me in a very serious financial situation. My friend heard about my situation and reminded me of this opportunity. Needing to make money and since I was already signed-up, I thought, “Let’s give it a chance.” The rest is history.

I work this business part-time, and we have personally sold more than 4,000 memberships, received the LegalShield Ring, and been blessed to serve the best market in the state or any state—East and Southeast Texas—as Regional Managers.

But those things pale in comparison to what this business has done for my family.

My wife was able to take care of my ailing mother. That meant we didn’t have to put her in a nursing home. When my daughter-in-law became very ill, my wife was able to take care of the grandkids for several months. I was able to stay at home and take care of my mother while my wife was gone thanks to residual income. We didn’t have to ask permission. We didn’t miss a meal. The lights were never turned off. What job would have allowed that? And then there are my clients. I can’t put a price on the satisfaction I get when I share this membership or opportunity with others. I can sleep at night knowing they are better off now than before they met me. This really is just another ministry for me. I believe this is what we are on this earth for—to serve God and one another! Zig always said, “You can get everything out of life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want!” That’s what we are able to do in LegalShield. So I will be forever indebted to my friend for introducing this opportunity to me. Oh, I haven’t told you his name have I? Scott and Ronda Ferguson sponsored me into this business. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their care and support! I can’t express how thankful I am to them for caring enough to be persistent and patient with me until I could see the potential. I also need to thank all our leaders who have paved the way for us; the Home Office staff are without a doubt THE BEST! And we have only just begun!