Business Owner

When we first heard about LegalShield, the membership just plain made sense. We enrolled right away. We were just mad that no one had ever told us about it before. And the business opportunity just plain made sense too. However, we didn’t have much free time since we were getting a sports therapy practice started for Ray, and we were working on several projects with clients through our business consulting company.

We had owned various businesses in the past with employees, inventory and a lot of overhead, so the idea of a business where we didn’t have to worry about those things was something we were excited about. We started on a very part-time basis. We used the membership, told others about it and they wanted to get the service too. Then people would ask us if we were making money, and indeed we were.

Over a period of time, and because of the power of the membership, a lucrative compensation plan and an amazing team, we were able to develop an income that surpassed anything we had ever made in any of our other businesses.

The best part about our LegalShield business is that we are helping people! We are making a difference while making a great living. We have been able to live a life that has allowed us to spend time with our parents when they needed us, take care of our health when we needed to, have fun and travel when we wanted to and help others do the same! LegalShield has truly allowed us to worry less and live more!