Business Owner

Sherri and I have varied backgrounds. Mine is in construction and ranching, and Sherri’s background is in the airline industry. Our family also has a Charolais cattle ranch. We were both on the road for two years with a seminar company, teaching stock market, real estate and asset protection strategies. We loved it, but we felt perpetual jet lag!

​We scaled down and left our jobs years ago to care for my mom, who had Alzheimer’s and cancer. In doing so, we created huge debt, yet we refused to go through bankruptcy. I had been working LegalShield on a very part-time basis for a few years. Sherri claims to have been the negative spouse due to past business endeavors until we came to this financial crossroads—our “why”!

​We know the good Lord gives us challenges to make us tough. Sherri listened to a Super Saturday recorded training on the 10 Core Commitments I had brought home, and we committed alright—full-time! We locked into the 10 Core Commitments on steroids, massive FAITH and major working on ourselves!

​We were able to create a great residual income and spend quality time caring for my mom until she passed. No one could replace the four years we had with my mother. It would not have been possible had it not been for LegalShield and the guidance of our Heavenly Father.

​We live in Olympia, Washington, and network daily in the marketplace. We get to know people, pass out tools and drive people to our website. We attend weekly meetings, luncheons and major events. We love seeing new people transform right before our very eyes, becoming someone they never dreamed they could be! We are so proud of our team. They are growing to be such exceptional leaders.

​My sponsor, Rey McCallum, and I came into the business about the same time. He has been and remains to be a steady rock—always encouraging and pushing forward. He and Mona are a great example to both Sherri and me.

​We are the proud parents of three grown children and five wonderful grandchildren. When faced with the challenge of losing everything, it’s great to instead have the blessing of LegalShield to prepare a substantial legacy for our family. What an empowering feeling! What an empowering business!

​One of the highlights of this business is earning trips, like to the Atlantis Resort! The opportunity to have dinner with Harland and Shirley Stonecipher was extremely special to us. The dinner was at Graycliff, rated one of the best restaurants in the world; however, we could have been anywhere with the Stoneciphers and still be on cloud nine!

​We’re so grateful to have a partnership with our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, in our business as well as every aspect of our lives—the TRUE secret of our success!