Customer Service

LegalShield came into my life at a time when I was desperate. Being laid off for the first time ever rocked my world. I have always worked very hard, thought like a business owner and been willing to do what it takes to be the best. But this was not what I was looking for by any means, and I had no sales experience. I was unemployed, pregnant and alone. I was buried deep and had no idea how I would survive. I wanted security which used to mean getting a salary, benefits, vacation, a 401K, etc. I learned that when working for someone else you never have security. LegalShield means that I have control over my business and my life. One of the most rewarding aspects of this business is the thanks I get from my members. We do have the SOLUTION for so many pains today. And we get paid for sharing it and helping others! My mission statement has always been to “make a difference” and what better way to do that than through LegalShield!

Is every day easy? No! Is it worth it? YES! Think you can’t be successful? YOU CAN! I had to change my thinking. As a single parent with very little family support—they still want me to get a real job—I had every excuse to give up; there are plenty of challenges. But I have been able to be around for my daughter in ways that I never was when raising my son and working a job. Without LegalShield, I could never have had the time to be involved in her life and take her on all the amazing trips we have earned. There are sacrifices, but then the rewards are worth it! I was told you must stick and stay to get your pay, be willing to commit for at least a year and that the amount of time you put in today will lead to success later.

I am so proud of our amazing, unique products that we get to share with folks. Our Home Office, our amazing attorneys and the ethical LegalShield Associates bringing our best of the best to every client! I always work hard to be the best! I am very much a student of my industry. My mentors, Melissa Wilder and Katie Huff, taught me so much and are such an inspiration. Then add Mr. Mark Riches, and you definitely have a WIN for working the B2B side of the business.

My next goals are to earn the $150,000 Ring and become a Millionaire Club Member, but I’m not stopping there. I want to retire with passive residual income and leave a legacy to my children. Believe you can, be around those that do, always be learning and master your game. Be at conventions and trainings, make friends everywhere and achieve DREAMS you never thought were possible. I’m possible! Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss—that’s the vision I have for myself and others with LegalShield.