R. Maygield, Jr.
Virginia Member
I would just like to let you know I had called the provider firm for Virginia today about a legal issue concerning Wills. My provider attorney actually saved me from spending $1,500 - $2,000 today, which is what I might have had to pay to a referral lawyer in my local area. I had contacted the provider law firm a little after 4 PM today and actually missed his initial call back shortly after I had contacted the provider law firm. I had asked my provider attorney if he had tried to call me back earlier and he stated that he had called. The secretary had informed me that they would get back to me between 6 PM and 7 PM, which is after normal hours of business. My provider attorney contacted me promptly at 6 PM, this being my first contact with a legal question, I was surprised that he had gotten back to me the same day, especially after business hours.
The professional service and advice he gave me is worth much more to me than the amount I am paying for the service. I am truly pleased and grateful having the legal services available to me. I really cannot say enough about his promptness, courteousness, professionalism and his ability to make me feel as though his time and mine was worth the effort to call me when he would have been able to go home to his family. There is not enough time in the day to explain my gratitude.
I guess the best thing that I would be able to do right now is to say "thank you" to my provider attorney and to LegalShield for providing me the knowledge and legal power to make a well-informed decision. My family and I thank you.
If anyone ever needs to have me speak to the value this service amounts, I would have no problem standing in front of a stadium full of people and letting them know how much this service would help their family, relatives, and friends.
Thank you again. This is definitely one satisfied customer. I am proud to say, "I am a LegalShield member and new associate because of the services available to me.