S. Mercer
North Carolina Member
I want to share a phone call that I received two weeks ago as a result of a letter that was written on our behalf. I was having lunch with an associate when my ohone rang I answered on the other end and a voice asked, "Is this Mrs. Mercer?" "Yes," I answered. "Is this Susan Mercer?" Again, I answered, "Yes." Then the lady identified herself as being with the Tax Payer Advocate Service of the IRS. I now at that point my eyes must have been as big as saucers. That is certainly NOT the person that you are ever hoping to have call you on the phone. She proceeded by telling me that the IRS had received a letter from my provider attorney, that she had already contacted him to let him know that the process had been resolved and she just wanted to call me personally and APOLOGIZE! She assured me that all of the information had been sent to North Carolina and been taken care of. Now, doesn't the IRS always call and apologize when they make a mistake? I would give anything to have had that call recorded for prosperity. For nine years we had been trying to resolve this issue. We even paid several attorneys, prior to LegalShield, to handle this matter. The IRS did not receive our tax return during a particular year, so they chose to file one for my husband, as a single individual with no dependents. This resulted in the IRS placing a $17,000 lien on our property and threatening to garnish my husband's wages. We filed a return. The IRSdetermined that we did not owe taxes, and in fact, were due a refund They sent us a refund check and a notice of release to stop the garnishment. However, they failed to notify our county. For nine years we have suffered from a $17,000 lien that was never removed from our record. Thanks to LegalShield, not only has it been removed, but we have a "once in a lifetime" story of the day the IRS apologized. Thanks again for the wonderful service provided by our provider firm.