I’m thankful a gentleman prayerfully thought of me and asked me to look at this business model. After my retail management career ended abruptly, I was processing how to change my life and what I could offer the business community. In September 2012, at the age of 42, I decided to pursue a college degree and at the same time started my LegalShield business, just by talking with friends and past contacts.

Through the college education process and personal development training, success was in reach. In two years, I had replaced the necessary income for my family’s household expenses and was creating a business model for my future. After more than seven years, through attending different events, I heard leaders share experiences, received mentorship and coaching. I found myself working alongside great people with a similar vision.

I’m successful today and have a life I never believed I would have because of other people working with and beside me. I get to help families, small business owners and employees have access to two great services through an app. I get to watch others gain confidence, knowledge and empowerment, making life easier to navigate. There’s no greater reward than seeing others succeed. This is a lucrative business model and the services help others. Lock arms with others and make a difference in the world and you will find success too.