Business Owner
Richard and Victoria Estrada are current business owners who got involved with LegalShield. From 1994 to 2003, they owned a computer consulting businesses in Los Angeles. After becoming humble, they moved to Texas in 2004. Their LegalShield journey started in Fort Worth, Texas. They built their business by believing and conveying that “our memberships are the best tools because our services help members find solutions to legal matters.” They also believe that LegalShield has the best commission plans and is the best business opportunity they’ve found.

They jump-started their business with private business receptions. Before long, they were conducting weekly opportunity meetings in Arlington, Texas, and other cities and states. Their success was achieved due to building great teams while leading the expansion of the LegalShield en Español movement and assisting their team members.

The Estradas reached the level of Bronze Executive Director and earned their $50,000 Ring. They have served as Council Members for LegalShield en Español.

They purchased an insurance franchise, became real estate investors and own several businesses. They say that LegalShield has become an incredible opportunity for them and has impacted their lives in a positive way. They are building their organization from coast to coast in the United States in addition to owning a large real estate portfolio of properties both residential and commercial. The Estradas are passionate in helping people and will continue with the LegalShield journey.