Business Owner
Before LegalShield, Libby worked in sales, real estate management, nursing, business ownership, and interior decorating.

She was a single mom raising two kids and juggling a nursing career and business ownership. Then she became a victim of identity theft and lost everything, including her house and business.

Rick worked in grocery stores and sales, and he owned a mortgage and real estate company. But he was living two paychecks behind his spending and was always in debt. He divorced in 2009, met Libby in 2011, and they were married 2013.

Rick suffered a heart attack and subsequent seven-way bypass in 2013, and then he was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. Libby has taken over the business, and the couple moved to Paradise, California. Rick says, “It’s a much nicer home in the forest. More than thousands of sales, residuals and as-earned income has provided well for us. We were engaged in Hawaii and honeymooned in Cancun, thanks to LegalShield’s Performance Club trips!”

Mark Riches recruited Rick back in 1996. Rick became the first National Group Trainer for California, and he has taught Libby the business. She continues to sell each month and call on group accounts. Libby plans to service all her groups and write new members and still spend time with family and friends. Rick and Libby are still newlyweds. On November 8, 2018, the town of Paradise, California burned to the ground, including Libby and Rick’s beautiful home, office and everything they owned. The couple moved to Nevada in February 2019.