Making a million dollars, going on all-expenses paid vacations, and receiving bonuses are all things that attracted me to LegalShield. Having the pleasure of achieving them while working from home and being with my family is the real dream come true.

Here is my story.

After high school, I went to work for a large Chevrolet dealership. I worked hard and dedicated 15 years building a career there as the parts manager. Then one day the owner fired me. My whole life was going to change from that moment on.

Fortunately for me, I had looked at the LegalShield opportunity about nine months prior and became a part-time associate. It just made sense. I thought access to my own law firm would be an advantage in life, and I knew if it made sense to me, it would make sense to a lot of other people.

That same night that I was fired we had a business briefing, and I went even though I didn’t feel like going. I received so much support and encouragement from everyone; it was amazing. It was then I decided to go full-time. I am proud to say that a few months later, I qualified for Executive Director and replaced my income!

I am always reminding my team to do the basics and what has been proven to work for thousands of different associates over the last 40 years. It seems someone is always coming up with a “new way” to work this business, and when that happens, I always refer them back to the masters like the late Dave Savula and Brian Carruthers, who have made millions in this business. We are very fortunate to have great leaders and be constantly mentored by them. It doesn’t take a genius to make six figures when you are being taught by someone making seven figures a year. We have the most complete training and support you will ever receive in any business endeavor.

On July 17, 2005, I married my beautiful wife, Nina. With her 5-year-old daughter, Isabella, we became a family of three. Because of this great opportunity, Nina’s last day of work was two weeks before we got married. I work my LegalShield business around my personal life.

Today, I spend time every day with my wife, Nina, and now our three children, Isabella, Joseph and Luke. We vacation together, go water-skiing during the week while everyone else is working, and when holidays come, we get to choose the quality time we spend with our families. Just driving the kids to school or being at different events are things I could not do if it wasn’t for this opportunity. It has been a blessing to spend quality time with them every day during the day, and not miss all those first moments with our growing family.

I am very thankful for the team we have and look forward to celebrating when the Klinger, Otto, Russell, Hammer, Dzielak, Ungarelli, Galloway, Laboy, Brogan, Moten, Tippitt, Mielke, Homan, Nijjar, Kimble, Cwiak, Moore, Quinn, Stratton, Manley, Niels, Sanchez, Sklar, Ruud, Baer and Scheider families, as well as many others, become Ring Earners and beyond. There are a lot of people out there just like me who are very open-minded to look at an opportunity. Don’t pass them over. Just remember, the more you give this away, the more it will come back to you. See you over the top!