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The LegalShield business opportunity has allowed us to have the most precious, valuable, important, advantage any parent could ask for. That is the privilege to work from home, so we are able to be active participants in our son’s life. We have both been able to watch Grant (our son) grow and develop. A cherished and priceless gift that this business opportunity has afforded us because of a proven system. As a result, we have been able to plan our business around our family.

The LegalShield business opportunity is also meaningful to us because it allows us to make the most of the opportunities that the United States of America provides. A strong entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for helping people, dedication to equality and justice and a commitment to excellence are values we are proud of. LegalShield encompasses them all!

Making a difference while making a living has established real purpose and meaning in our lives.

We protect and empower people. Our work helps provide equal access to the liberty, equality, opportunity, and justice that every North American deserves and expects.

The biggest accomplishment of our LegalShield career so far has been assisting others in developing their business and then seeing them reach their own potential. Napoleon Hill famously said, “Only by working harmoniously in cooperation with other individuals or groups of individuals and thus creating value and benefit for them will one create sustainable achievement for oneself.” We have found that statement to be spot-on accurate. This business has brought us together with people who share the same entrepreneurial spirit, focus, drive and commitment we have. It is truly rewarding.

Before we put forth our full efforts into our LegalShield business, we had suffered major financial losses. We were rundown, unfocused and downhearted. Our success came when we decided to rewrite our personal story. We specifically identified what we wanted to achieve and put a game plan in place. We then wrote down very specific, very detailed actions we needed to take. We made sure that those action steps were attainable. Next, we had to form habits and create a posture that aligned with our newly devised story. We had to learn to evaluate our progress, make adjustments, and hold ourselves accountable, and we had to remain focused (the most challenging of all). We would urge the readers to do themselves the favor of setting aside time, to block out all the noise of the world, to think about what specifically it is that you want to be, to do, and to have. Then visualize doing those things and having those things. Envision your happiness, your family’s pride and all of the good you will be able to do for others. In that state of mind, list all of the steps you need to do in order to make it all possible. Then take action! Our life has changed because we changed.

It is our sincere hope that by sharing our views and by telling our story, that you (the reader), will be inspired and motivated to put forth the effort and mind-set needed so that next year, YOUR story will also be a Profile of Success!