Business Owner
My plan for financial security and a comfortable lifestyle after I retired was to own my own business. I had a Rich Dad, Poor Dad type of childhood and saw my best friend’s dad do well with owning his own printing business. I knew that working for someone else would not give me the chance for both time and money that I desired.

In 1989, I started a painting business. That company provided a living for my family for 13 years. I paid my bills and put food on the table, but I had no freedom. I hoped things would get better if I just worked harder or smarter or maybe God would bless my business with a windfall. It never happened.

In April 2001, I was invited to a LegalShield luncheon and liked what I saw. I became a LegalShield Associate and started to build my new business on a part-time basis around my painting company. Things started to change! Everyone got the “99-cent mentality.” Everyone wanted to pay less! Competition got fierce. Profits shrank and jobs were harder to land. Then the 9/11 tragedy hit America, and everything changed. That day changed my painting business too! People stopped spending money on non-essentials like painting. It didn’t take long to get behind on everything, but I thank God for LegalShield! I had less painting work, but I also had more time to devote to my LegalShield business, and that’s what I did!

Thanks to a great company, great services, a great support team, great trainings, great tools and great systems, we have built an incredible team that has sold over 35,000 memberships. We have a $300,000 Ring Earner and Millionaire Club Member on the team! I have personally sold more than 5,000 memberships. I am a Millionaire Club Member and $100,000 Ring Earner. I have wanted to earn six figures my whole life and now I do! I’m now receiving my residual income, allowing me to do more ministry work and spend more time with the people I love without being concerned about where the money will come from!

LegalShield has helped many people on the team create the lives they have always wanted.

God is good—all the time, and so is LegalShield!