After completing Rhema Bible College in 1979, we soon found ourselves ordained and involved in full-time ministry.

For the next 28 years, we received fulfillment in representing well the men and women of God whom we served in our local mega-church, Bible college, and two worldwide ministries.

We were introduced to LegalShield in 2004 when our son invited us to a local recruiting meeting. Mostly to support our son, we drove to Ada to meet Mr. Stonecipher and Mr. Kennith Moore. There we signed the paperwork, but due to our ministry commitments, we put LegalShield on the back burner.

God has a way of preparing his kids for the unknown. Two years after we became associates, the ministry which had sent us all over the world for 10 years, advised us that, at 90-something-years young, they were retiring and although they would love for us to continue with them on a volunteer basis, they would be unable to pay us.

Our hearts were willing, but our financial obligations were screaming loud and clear. We hit the road hard with LegalShield. We would like to say that in a year or two all of our financial needs were met. But although we never missed tithing or a house payment, our savings dwindled, and we who had always paid off our credit card every month were forced to begin charging groceries, gas, sometimes even our cell phone bill. At its peak, we owed $32,000 on our Visa.

However, we had LegalShield. We moved forward with zeal and joy in the product we were sharing and pride in the company and leadership we represented. We began to see our annual income rise from low five-figures to mid five-figures and on a steady incline. When recession hit our nation, as jobs disappeared and stocks plummeted, our income increased.

With God’s help, we earned our $100,000 Ring in 2012. By 2014, our credit card debt, which we had converted to a second mortgage, was paid in full.

In mid-2014, our son, his wife and three children sold all their possessions to enter full-time missions work overseas. While they were in Zambia for intensive training, we felt impressed to build them a “tiny house” in our backyard—a one-room cottage with sleeping and living area and lofts for the kids—so that they would have a place to call home whenever they are in the States. Because of hard work and the quality of company that we serve, we were able to do this without a second thought.

During that time frame, we also realized another goal which we had thought would occur far into the future. When reviewing our commission statements, we saw that we were earning as much in residual income as we had been receiving in advance earnings. We made the shift to getting paid “as earned.”

Now that we are in our youthful 70’s, we are free to have other associates help us cut back on driving to the farther enrollments, and thanks to residual income, we can enjoy our business as a tremendous blessing in our retirement years.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, and thank you, LegalShield!