I thank the Lord every day for this incredible opportunity that has changed my life forever.

My goals have always been to become a homemaker, rear a large family, and bless the lives around me. We had half of our 14 children still in the nest when our son Dave Hall introduced us to LegalShield. I resisted for 10 months, but his persistence finally paid off when I attended a live presentation. Seeing how this could bless so many lives was the thing that changed my mind.

Five months after Jack and I moved to St. George, Utah, he had a stroke and passed away. Because of the business I had built, I was able to spend those last few months in the hospital with him because my time was my own.

I had not been working out of my home until LegalShield, so my Social Security was minimal. Now with Jack being gone, those funds have dwindled even more. We had no retirement, no investments, no insurance settlement and no outside employment. But we had something even better than all of those.

Together, we built a solid LegalShield retirement that keeps growing. Now I love to concentrate on blessing as many other people as possible. I have been on all of the LegalShield vacations, and I receive a Performance Club bonus every month.

My greatest business accomplishment was earning the LegalShield Ring, and this year my goal is to reach the Platinum level and beyond. But my greatest LIFE accomplishment has been to have the time and money to bless so many people, and to offer them the same.

I can spend time with my grandchildren and give more to my church and others than I have ever been able to do before.