Scott Brooks has earned his second LegalShield ring and reached Level 1 of the Platinum World program by achieving the Platinum Executive Director level for three consecutive months. And all of this happened in his first 24 months with LegalShield!

He said, “A few years ago, my family and I went through a very difficult season. I lost a job of 15 years. I then experienced a failed business, and together with the collapsing stock market, it devastated us financially and emotionally. We were forced to sell most of our material items—a custom home, cars, even my motorcycle—to create cash flow and avoid bankruptcy. My confidence in business was shaken. To be honest, I did not know if I still had what it would take to start over at 47. It took a lot of strength to try again, but I held to my faith and continued to believe the scripture that says, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ (Philippians 4:13).”

“I tell people all the time,” Scott added, “that there is nothing special about me or my achievement—except one thing. I was willing to do what anybody could do.”

“The products I sell are the same, my training is the same, and my business tools are the same,” he continued. “The one variable that we do not all have equal is work ethic. And that is the one thing we can all improve. If you work hard, always strive to be professional, and discipline yourself to stay focused on putting in the activity that is necessary to achieve your goal, you will be unstoppable. I have learned that goal-setting is mandatory if you want to accomplish anything significant in your life. Obviously, I set many goals to achieve this success. More importantly, for every goal that you set, you must create an action plan of daily and weekly activities that will be necessary to achieve your goal. I worked on building momentum in my business, and when you have momentum working on your behalf, you can accomplish more in a shorter period of time. It’s simple: What you do today will either propel you toward your goals or it won’t.”

Scott concluded, “I hope that my success is inspirational and becomes a source of hope for others. It means that anybody, regardless of background, education, experience, or even past failures, can start a LegalShield business and succeed.”